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ALEPH APPAREL is a new and upcoming Chilean brand in the fashion and retail industry. With strong roots in design, product development and production in Asia for other major garment retail brands, ALEPH APPAREL decided it was time to create their own brand, clothing collections, as well as sustainable packaging.


BRANDING: create name, logo and brand identity of the company. 

PACKAGING: design and develop sustainable packaging for the launch of the first collection.

GOALS: build a strong message aligned with the company mission that celebrates its Jewish and Chilean roots and strongly advocates for sustainable fashion through recycling and upcycling of clothes.


BRANDING: to build a brand identity that reflects the client’s roots and mission

PACKAGING: to create a packaging that is glue free and contains no solvent, no plastic coating, minimizes packaging size and materials while protecting content for transport’ communicates the client’s brand identity and fulfils brief.  Consider upcycling options, in line with the client’s mission.


BRANDING: Aleph, being the first letter of the Jewish alphabet was chosen for the company's aspirations to be a leader in sustainable fashion in Chile. The logo is evolved from the Jewish letter of Aleph itself. The bright colours forming the colour coding of the brand, are directly inspired by the natural landscapes of Valparaiso, Chile.


PACKAGING: A new and exciting packaging line with fully recyclable and biodegradable FSC sustainably managed forest paper. The glue-less box effortlessly transforms to a clothes hanger, offering the consumer a creative and fun experience while ensuring brand presence in the wardrobe!  The fully recyclable, apparel packaging upcycled hanger satisfies consumers as responsible shoppers, but also offers a novel and memorable experience. 

The time has come for brands to embrace their role in the world of sustainable consumerism. 





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