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Budweiser Brewing APAC Limited is the largest beer company in the Asia Pacific by retail sales value. With their dream of “Bringing People Together for a Better World” and with centuries of brewing history, countless new friendships, connections and experiences have been built on a shared love of beer.


HHB Music House (Happy Honey Badger), founded by Jack Ma in 2018, is a tech-space, lounge & bar providing live music, jam sessions and comedy shows. Honey Badger is one of the members of the Alibaba Zoo (other famous members including the Tmall Cat, Hema Hippo and Fliggy Pig) and it's not only the mascot of Alibaba's processor company, but also the face of this music house. 


To combine the brand identity of HHB and BUDWEISER, creating a unique beer packaging that highlights the exhilaration of live music around a beer. The limited edition beer packaging will be launched primarily at the HHB music club and later, made available for consumer via China’s largest e-commerce platform, part of Jack Ma’s Alibaba empire.


The purpose was to create a graphical story that highlight and combine the value, identity and universe of both brands. New and regular consumers should full identify, immerse and rock themselves into this limited aluminium can edition.

ADDLESS DESIGN STUDIO - Budweiser-logo.jpg
ADDLESS DESIGN STUDIO - Budweiser HHB proposal.jpg
ADDLESS DESIGN STUDIO - Budweiser HHB proposal
ADDLESS DESIGN STUDIO - Budweiser HHB proposal
ADDLESS DESIGN STUDIO - Budweiser HHB proposal
ADDLESS DESIGN STUDIO - Budweiser HHB proposal


Jack Ma + Honey Badger + Budweiser + live music = ?


Celebrating Jack Ma’s HHB Music House and Budweiser, ADDLESS design studio is proud to have captured the essence of the Honey Badger, live music and the identity of Budweiser on fully recyclable aluminium can for this limited edition launch. 


An inspired blend of the easily identifiable Budweiser beer can with the badass image of the Honey Badger, face of the HHB Music House, rocking a bass guitar in the form of the Budweiser bowtie logo. A entertaining evolution of the 2D Honey Badger logo to an animated The Badass Bass Budweiser!... To be consumed with moderation.

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