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The abundance of plastic, multi-material, and un-recyclable single-use packaging is a source of growing concern globally. It is imperative that new designs, processes and materials are developed with the aim of providing innovative, cost-effective, sustainable solutions. In order to combat the current problems encountered with disposable packaging, brands and companies in developed countries have sustainability targets that are enforced by government regulations. ADDLESS offers these brands and companies the opportunity to succeed by providing design solutions following circular economy principles that improve the reusability, recyclability and compostability of packaging, while still capturing the consumer through aesthetic values, storytelling and opening experience. 




ADDLESS is comprised of a truly innovative design team that helps brands succeed in their target markets by creatively executing design, manufacturing, and performance of packaging-related goals and strategies.

Our primary focus is to create, adapt and harmonise structural packaging and graphic design to maximise brand effectiveness as well as inspiring change.

Our services range from global packaging strategy development, market intelligence and cost analysis to structural and graphic design. Our bold and innovative approach to packaging solutions lowers costs, improves efficiency, and greatly promotes sustainability.

The modern trend for packaging prioritises consumer experience and brand power, often at the expense of the environment. ADDLESS recognises those aspects as important but also works towards greener solutions. The challenge of designing and manufacturing fully recyclable and compostable packaging is one that no other design studio is taking on. 


With ADDLESS' partners' connections in Asia formed over a decade, there is an existing pool of printers, converters and manufacturers that are working with us. The alliance with our partners allows ADDLESS to see a project through from start to finish, providing practical pre-production and production samples of designs with a quick turnaround time.

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Cyril Drouet is the founder of ADDLESS design studio and a multi-award winning creative director.  After 16 years of international experience of design and innovation working with global packaging companies, it was time to take packaging innovation to the next level by founding ADDLESS.  The mission is to create new codes, develop new materials/processes and implement the latest technology with brands and manufacturers in order to lead the next sustainable packaging revolution.


The time has come for everyone to rethink how disposable packaging should be manufactured, consumed and recycled. The vision and goal is for all packaging to be designed within circular economy principles and sustainable sources, to provide crucial alternatives to plastic packaging on a global, profitable scale.


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We are located inside Sai Kung East Country Park, a vast 4,494 hectare of protected area with bays, green terrain, coves, beaches and wildlife.

Nature drives our inspiration, way of life & energy.

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